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Prime Permanent Open MRI scanner
with SynergyDrive


Advanced Permanent Open MRI scanner
with SynergyDrive

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your +++PLUSES in human-centered MRI feature a new generation of Open MRI with SynergyDrive for high-speed examinations to automate, accelerate and simplify your daily routine
  • IP-Rapid, the new scanning technology that helps you save examination time without losing image quality
  • AutoExam, your integrated assistant that helps you perform your exams with ease

  • All around RADAR, the motion artefact reduction tool for all sequences and anatomies that provides crystal clear imaging results
IP-Rapid OFF
Scan time 3:46
IP-Rapid ON
Scan time 1:44

APERTO Lucent Plus – Brain, T2WI
IP-Rapid OFF
Scan time 5:03
IP-Rapid ON
Scan time 1:49

APERTO Lucent Plus – L-Spine, T2WI
IP-Rapid OFF
Scan time 5:16
IP-Rapid ON
Scan time 2:40

APERTO Lucent Plus – Knee, T2WI
See how APERTO Lucent Plus takes patient care to the next level