Service and Support

Outstanding service from a single source

To ensure the reliability and consistently high quality of our imaging systems, we provide tailor-made support services – from initial instruction to maintenance and repair, from software and product upgrades, to the sale of spare parts and accessories, everything comes from a single source.

Personal contact
We offer professional and personal consultancy, provided by employees who are familiar with your requirements and who can be contacted in person at all times.




Comprehensive planning security with full cost control

Preventive maintenance and service contracts
Our flexible service contracts can be adapted to your requirements and demands, offering you a high level of planning security and cost control. By coordinating with you the proactive planning of maintenance work, we reduce downtimes and operational interruptions to a minimum.

Your partner on site
Our specialised team of engineers is your service interface and local expert partner. Our service technicians regularly participate in further training at our production and development facilities, with a focus on the efficient and reliable performance of maintenance and repair work. This enables us to guarantee the functionality of our technologies with a consistently high level of quality over several years.


Service from a single source: personal,
competent, original


Services directly from Hitachi: tailored to your requirements and in compliance with our high quality standards

In-house repair centre
Our in-house repair centres offer a fast and diverse imaging system repair service, with optional interim solutions in the event of a breakdown. By using only original spare parts, we guarantee you the highest level of product reliability, as well as compliance with statutory safety requirements.

Material service for the entire portfolio
As well as providing modern technical maintenance solutions, Hitachi has a large spare parts warehouse for the rapid supply of parts, as well as a comprehensive range of system accessories and consumable materials.


Professional support to ensure safe treatment

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