Efficiency by simple operation

Thoroughly simple and compact. As a user-friendly diagnostic ultrasound system full of functional and ergonomic features, F37 is ready to be your partner.
The F37’s simple operational features provide an easy and smooth workflow. The necessary controls for routine examinations are intuitively laid out, with high priority on reducing the examiner's operation steps. Imaging features inherited from higher-class models provide a work environment for concentrated examinations.

Product pictures

Compact and Practical Design

Lightweight, small footprint, and ergonomic design: these features of the F37 enable nimble transport and comfortable examinations. The sophisticated 3E Platform is what makes the small size of the F37 possible and because many functions are software based, the system is not only compact but also provides faster processing, lower power consumption, and future upgradeability.
Naturally operate the system at the height of writing on a desk or standing with the height adjustable operation panel. This panel can also be swivelled left and right. With the flexibility of the operation panel and monitor, optimum positions for your examinations are provided.
Cable management from the front, side and back of the system keeps probe, power and other cables neat and tidy.

Easy Operation
Frequently used measurements can be assigned to the keyboard. Each measurement item can then be activated with a single action, simply by pressing the assigned key. Especially in examinations where multiple measurements are done this provides a very smooth workflow.

Data Management
Stable practical use is supported by the F37's large capacity HDD. Acquired image and video data can be stored as digital data. Reconstruction using FAM can also be done with stored line data. Reports for measurements can easily be displayed for a variety of examinations in various clinical applications. 

Dual Dynamic Display (DDD)
A B-mode image and Flow mode image can be displayed side-by-side in real time. DDD assists easy anatomical understanding of blood flow. The function can be used with both power flow and eFLOW.

More features for clear imaging

  • Trapezoidal Scan
  • Broadband Harmonics (BhH)
  • Adaptive Image Processing (AIP)
  • Spatial Compound Imaging (SCI)
  • High frame rate zoom
  • Wide range of presets
  • High performance LCD monitor
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