ARIETTA Prologue

Mobility at your Fingertips

ARIETTA Prologue has been designed especially for the point-of-care (POC) ultrasound market. Thanks to its intuitive and simple operation, it fulfils the fundamental role of a portable ultrasound system, bringing the clinical benefits of diagnostic ultrasound into new areas of healthcare.
The design and usability of the ARIETTA Prologue has been comprehensively evaluated to deliver high performance as a cutting-edge, mobile ultrasound system fitting a wide array of user and operating requirements.
ARIETTA Prologue supports a broad range of examinations and, with its compact hand-carry design, can be used in a variety of different settings. Operators will not need to compromise their natural posture even in the smallest examination or treatment room. Its use can be extended by combining it with the cart or the probe tray. The system is also our first to support Hitachi’s exclusive workflow option ScanSync.
The ARIETTA Prologue offers superior imaging quality and is equipped with functions that improve efficiency and support rapid, accurate diagnosis when and where it is needed. 
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ARIETTA Prologue is a compact and portable diagnostic ultrasound system, with functions that can improve efficiency and support rapid, accurate diagnosis for point-of-care applications.
Compact Design and High Mobility

  • An essential attribute is its compact design offering great functionality: rapid boot time, in-built battery for portability, all providing you with fast access to diagnostic quality imaging wherever you need it.

Full Smart Operation

  • The monitor incorporates a full touch panel offering intuitive operation with no complicated setting up. An optimal preset can be selected simply by indicating the icon for the appropriate body part, body size and organ for study. Or select a previously acquired image and the system will adjust to the same exam settings, invaluable support for follow-up studies.
  • Basic operations such as image size or gain adjustment can be made with one hand using touch screen gestures. Automatic image optimization is also available.
  • Full screen mode can be used to enlarge the image display, enabling detailed observation.

High Quality Imaging & Advanced Functions

  • Using the same advanced image processing technologies normally reserved for high-end systems, the ARIETTA Prologue offers image clarity and a wide field of view:
  • Silky Image Processing (SIP) is an adaptive tissue filter that boosts edge enhancement and contrast resolution providing clean tissue borders and detailed parenchyma.
  • Spatial Compounding is achieved by transmission of beams in multiple directions to reduce artefacts. Tissue boundaries can be visualized clearly.
  • Trapezoid mode can be used with the linear transducer extending the width of the field of view.
  • eFLOW is a colour flow mapping that offers clear delineation of the blood flow and increased sensitivity for detection of microvasculature
  • Needle Emphasis technology enhances the visualization of the needle, offering increased safety and accuracy for biopsy and other interventional procedures.
  • Auto IMT traces the vessel intima measuring its mean thickness which can be used to assess the patient's cardiovascular disease risk.


  • In different settings, for a wide range of applications; with its diversity of transducers the ARIETTA Prologue can be used for an extensive range of procedures.

The ARIETTA Prologue is our first system to support Hitachi’s exclusive workflow tool ScanSync. It allows to freeze, store and unfreeze ultrasound images in real time without ever touching the control panel. Instead, it recognizes specific movements made directly with the transducer. Scanning and system operation are thus synchronized by using the probe also as remote control. The operator can continue to exam with both hands, support the patient or take a biopsy while never having to disrupt to reach for the control panel.

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