ARIETTA Precision

Proven Ultrasound - Meeting your Ideal

ARIETTA Precision, a diagnostic ultrasound system with innovative style, can be your reliable partner for interventional procedures. Developed to be used in the acute healthcare and surgical environments, it has been designed to fit into a confined space, and with an image quality that will not disappoint.
The ARIETTA Precision has a slim profile with a large 21.5” touch monitor fixed to an arm that can provide effortless manoeuvrability in the operating room. Additionally, with wireless communication, the monitor and base units can be separated.
The dedicated remote control replicates the same touch panel operation and real-time ultrasound image display as on the monitor and so enables a flexible working layout in surgical rooms with limited space.
All parts of the unit are fully compatible with commonly-used disinfectant procedures, for safe use in the clean environment of the operating room.

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Fit for the Operating Room
The ARIETTA Precision will please users with its simple operation and effortless mobility.

  • The ARIETTA Precision features a 21.5 inch monitor that incorporates a full touch panel for more intuitive and user-friendly operation.
  • A tablet-style remote control replicates the same touch panel operation and ultrasound image display as on the monitor. Gives you the control at your fingertips, even when remote from the system.
  • Few operations are needed to get started, so ARIETTA Precision can be used efficiently in emergency situations. Automatic image optimization is always available using a single button press.
  • The monitor arm can be adjusted in height to fit the most challenging situations. Ease of use and effortless mobility are the ARIETTA Precision’s key features.
  • All parts of the unit are fully compatible with commonly-used disinfectant procedures, for safe use in the clean environment of the operating room.

Versatility & Flexibility
The layout of the ARIETTA Precision can be customized to fit the user’s environment.

  • Scenario 1, system comprising cart/monitor/hand-held remote control: the system can be operated by the remote control at a distant location. Even with limited space for the system installation, the operator can work in comfort.
  • Scenario 2, system comprising cart with the monitor integrated: the monitor can be operated directly. This is the simplest configuration without the need of the remote control.
  • Scenario 3, system comprising a monitor suspended from the wall/hand-held remote control: the system is operated by the remote control giving the operator the freedom to work in an open space without compromising his natural posture.

High Quality Imaging
The ARIETTA Precision uses the same advanced image processing technologies normally reserved for high-end systems. It offers images with superior clarity.

  • Silky Image Processing (SIP) is an adaptive tissue filter that boosts edge enhancement and contrast resolution providing clean tissue borders and detailed parenchyma.
  • Trapezoid mode can be used with the linear transducer extending the width of the field of view.
  • eFLOW is a colour flow mapping that offers clear delineation of the blood flow and increased sensitivity for detection of microvasculature.
  • With Dual CF, Real-time B- and Colour Flow modes can be displayed side-by-side, offering an easier anatomical interpretation of the blood flow.

Versatility of Transducers

  • A comprehensive array of compatible transducers supports a broad range of procedures from minimally invasive through to open abdominal surgery.
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