SCENARIA 128 slice

Scenic modern volume CT

SCENARIA is Hitachi's 128 slice CT scanner which paves the way for the future. The whole body scanner with a 0.35-second rotation speed which reduces kinetic artefact, examination time and contrast volume for vascular exploration dosage, while maintaining excellent diagnostic imagery.

The 750mm aperture maximises patients’ comfort, reduces anxiety and stress, and enables effortless examinations.

  • Minimum scan time: 0.35 sec whole body scanning
  • Maximum field of view: 500mm
  • up to 2880 view/s high-speed data acquisition
  • Gantry aperture of 75cm
  • Number of slices: 128
  • X-ray tube: 7.5 MHU
  • Generator: 72/84*kW (*not available in countries requiring CE mark)
  • Dose reduction achieved by lateral table movement, bow-tie filter, Automatic Exposure Control (Intelli EC) and new Interactive Processing (Intelli IP advanced)
  • 16cm lateral table movement for dose reduction and increased patient comfort
  • Automatic patient positioning (head/body mode)
  • Breath demo light for patient preparation
  • Touch vision panel system, allowing scan guidance in 10 languages as well as paediatric assistance
  • Straight forward patient registration and easy system handling
  • Preventive examination supported by fatPointer or riskPointer
  • Integrated image viewing station
  • Coronary analysis and calcium scoring
  • Cruising Eye View (CEV-CPR), with virtual endoscopy
  • Perfusion stroke analysis
  • Predict scan contrast agent-triggering
  • Interventional procedure package Guide Shot
  • Hyper Q-net image viewing
  • FatPointer analysis software
  • RiskPointer analysis software
  • Real-time MPR
  • Complete 3D reconstruction package
  • Automatic bone removal
  • Virtual colonoscopy with Shape Analysis Filer
  • Lung analysis nodule detection
  • Cardiac scanning (ECG trigger, retrospective/prospective mode)